Natural Thatch Reed Thatch Umbrellas

One of Safari’s exclusive products, this round umbrella is covered with hardy African Cape Reed thatch panels, and has a very distinctive “stepped” appearance. The highly durable frames have been designed to withstand harsh coastal conditions. The thatch itself has a 4 to 5 year life span (varies depending on climate), after which the frame may be rethatched with new thatch panels. With 99% waterproofing, no maintenance, and much cooler shade than typical canvas umbrellas, this umbrella is perfect for all your indoor and outdoor needs.

  • Appearance:  Round umbrella w/ galvanized steel frame covered with the hardy African Cape Reed thatch panels, achieving a uniquely beautiful “stepped” look.
  • Grade (Int. vs. Ext.):   Exterior
  • Comm. vs. Res:   Both
  • Fire Protection:   Fire-retarded panels achieve class A interior & exterior fire ratings.
  • Durability:   Strong and durable galvanized steel frames are designed to withstand harsh coastal conditions. 4-5 year life span on thatch, after which frame may be rethatched. Life varies due to relative humidity – the less humid, the longer the life.
  • Size:   Umbrella sizes from thatch edge diameter: 7.5ft dia, 9ft dia, 11ft dia, 12.5ft dia
  • Ease of Installation:   Moderately difficult installation. Requires 2-3 people, and may take up to 3-4 hours.
  • Materials:   Southern African Cape Reed, also called Dekriet or Albertinia thatch reed.

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