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Rustic Timber

We source several types of responsibly harvested,  plantation-grown (including FSC certified) poles, available in a wide range of sizes and diameters. All stocked timbers are extremely rapid growth-rate trees – close to Bamboo in fact, and as a result are rapidly renewable.

These round-pole timbers are commonly used in water parks, zoos, theme parks, commercial businesses and residential homes because of their distinctive aesthetic (every piece is unique), strength, and durability even in harsh climates. They are a natural choice for thatch roofs, trellises, fences, furniture, and columns.

In addition, our manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL, can take these materials and turn your ideas into beautiful custom finished pieces such as benches, fences, store fixtures and more.

Explore your options below, or simply give us a call at 954.564.0059. Our experienced staff can help you select the right materials for your project and climate.

Pile of Eucalyptus Timber Poles

Eucalyptus Poles

Plantation grown, rapidly-renewable Eucalyptus poles ranging from 3″-8″ Diameter and in lengths up to 20′

Eucalyptus Saplings (Ntengus)

Plantation grown Eucalyptus. These gnarled, thin branches are perfect for rustic pergolas, fences pickets, and screening. Tons of character!

Pile of Peeled Cedar Timber

Peeled Cedar (Juniper)

These amazing signature posts are gorgeous. Their golden highly textured gnarled and knotted surfaces create a truly unique aesthetic.