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Tropical Architectural & Decorative Materials


Explore Safari’s collection of wall cladding, ceiling treatments, and decorative trim. Highly realistic synthetic offerings are perfect for exterior settings where natural materials are not practical, while natural materials with their rich textures and colors provide instant character to any space. Inquire about our fire rated options for commercial applications – most natural materials will achieve a full class-A fire rating with Safari’s topical F/R systems, while our synthetic offerings carry several F/R choices extruded into the plastic and warrantied for the life of the material.

View your options below, or simply give us a call at 954.564.0059. Our experienced staff can help you select the right materials for your project and climate.

Rich Dark Brown Polyethylene Strips on Box Weave

Synthetic Matting – Kenya Stone

4′ x 8′ sheet of rich brown colored, and smooth textured HDPE, woven into a wide box-weave pattern.

Syntethic Matting Kenya Sunset Pattern

Synthetic Matting – Kenya Sunset

4′ x 8′ sheet of copper colored, and smooth textured HDPE, woven into a wide box-weave pattern.

Dark Mahogany Synthetic Medium Basket Weave Matting

Synthetic Matting – Dark Mahogany

4′ x 8′ sheet of rich dark brown colored, and fibrous textured HDPE, woven into a medium basket-weave pattern.

Synthetic Matting Red Pine Pattern

Synthetic Matting – Red Pine

4′ x 8′ sheet of red-brown, smooth-textured HDPE, woven into a refined herringbone pattern.

Close Up of Rustic Black Synthetic Matting

Synthetic Matting – Rustic Black

4′ x 8′ sheet of charcoal colored, and fibrous textured wide-weave HDPE, woven into a chunky basket-weave pattern.

Synthetic Matting Arurog Basketweave

Synthetic Matting – Arurog Basketweave

4′ x 8′ sheet of naturally colored, and fibrous textured HDPE, woven into a fine basket-weave pattern.

Romblon Grass Woven Synthetic Matting

Romblon Mat

Leathery textured grass tightly woven into a 3/8″ Box-weave pattern, forming a 4′ x 8′ flexible sheet.

Natural Banana Bark Strips Woven into a Herringbone Pattern

L-Strip Bac Bac Mat

Natural banana bark strips are woven into a herringbone pattern.

Tiki Style Cabana Mat

Cabana Mat

1″ wide Palm leaf strips woven into a diagonally oriented box-weave pattern.

Thatch Reed Board

Thatch Reed Ceiling Board

Thatch reed glued to 4′ x 8′ Masonite board, perfectly replicates the aesthetic of a traditional African lodge ceiling.

Double Sided Bamboo Plywood

Double Sided Bamboo Board

Chunky and rustic bamboo, crushed, and adhered to either side of a 3/8″ marine plywood.

A Single Bamboo Pole Close up

Flat Bamboo Molding

1 3/4″ wide x 8′ long bleached bamboo strip.

Bamboo Stick Close Up

Flat Bamboo Strip

2″ wide x 8′ long rustic bamboo strip.

Herringbone Bamboo Plywood

Herringbone Bamboo Plywood

Plywood veneer using ~ 1/2″ wide strips of the skin of bamboo woven into a herringbone pattern.

Young Crushed Bamboo

Young Crushed Bamboo

Bamboo skin, crushed and glued to 1/4″ thick 4′ x 8′ plywood backing.

Herringone Wide Weave Bamboo Plywood Veneer

Herringbone Wide-Weave Bamboo Plywood

Plywood veneer using ~2″ wide strips of the skin of bamboo woven into a large herringbone pattern.

Rustic Bamboo on Marine Plywood


1/2″ wide bamboo strips glue to fabric backing. Typically 4′ x 8′ rolls, with multiple finishes and color options.

Flat Bamboo Slats Piled Uo One Another

Flat Bamboo Slats

2″ wide x 8′ long split strips of bamboo. Roughly uniform light gold/blond color.

Bamboo Plywood Close Up

Bamboo Plywood

Plywood veneer using strips of the inner fiber of bamboo woven into a herringbone pattern.

Pandan Matting

1/2″ wide strips of natural palm leaf, woven into a diamond-weave pattern.