Pilar – Palm

Item Name: Palm Collection: Pilar Am-am Chips

Item Number: DM-HMTPALPIL#1P

Dimensions:  2’H x 2’W x 5mm

Description:   Palm Collection: Pilar, Am-am Chips Laminated to Marine Grade Plywood, 2’H x 2’W x 5mm. Matte Semi-Polished, 2 pcs. Per Pack

Scientific Name:  Acacia Mangium Wild

Material Used:  Am-am Chips

Material Origin:  Am-am chips are harvested from Philippine forest.

Treatment:  Materials treated using Woodtec 2.5EC (Insecticide) & Leadrite 45 (Fungicide)

Adhesive:  Rakoll D3 European Standard Quality H2O adhesive (DIN EN 204-D3)

Finish:  Applied with pre-mixed resin (R99-201-01) and clear NC top coat, semi-gloss finish

Application:  Paneling for walls, ceiling, cabinetry, divider, doors and table tops

Interior vs. Exterior:  Interior or Exterior undercover

Fire Ratings:  Not Available

Installation:  Detailed installation instructions and tips are available upon request

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