Peeled Cedar/Juniper: Rustic Timber

Safari’s Peeled ‘Cedar’ (technically a juniper, not ‘cedar’ as its common name implies) is a dramatic, highly textured, signature statement post. With a satin top-coat, this post is absolutely stunning, and cannot be matched for its beauty.

  • Appearance:  After the red bark is hand peeled, a beautiful yellow-blond color is revealed. Highly irregular, knotted surface provides unmatched character.
  • Grade (Int. vs. Ext.):   Perfectly suitable for both interior and exterior applications
  • Comm. vs. Res:   Both
  • Durability:   These untreated poles are used extensively by farmers for fence posts as they have naturally bug resistant and water-resistant properties. These hyper dense poles are very heavy and extremely strong under compression, making them ideal for load bearing posts.
  • Size:   Sizes vary greatly as poles are each very different, however poles are roughly sized from 2-3″ in diameter all the way up to 10-12″ in diameter. Taper varies substantially, and is challenging to quantify, due to the highly irregular surface characteristics that give this product its remarkable aesthetic appeal.

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