Herd Immunity Sanitizing Wash

Herd Immunity Sanitizing Wash

The Zoo, Theme Park, Cruise Line and Hospitality Industries have all been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic (certainly more than many other industries) and are now slowly starting to reopen. Safari has partnered with a major US chemical supplier to provide a cost effective, reliable supply of our own sanitizing wash, that we’ve called “Herd Immunity” in consideration of our Zoo customers.

Herd Immunity is a high quality sanitizer, with the active ingredient ethyl alcohol extracted from sugar cane. All of our sanitizer is produced in an FDA registered facility, ensuring compliance and regular supply.


Download our PDF Order Form Here

Fill it out, and email it to us at info@safarithatch.com, or Fax it to (954) 564-7431. For additional questions, or for long-term contracts, please feel free to call us at (954) 564-0059.

  • 80% pure ethanol made from sugarcane
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Can be sprayed on hands or surfaces
  • Registered FDA facility
  • As low as $0.15 per ounce
  • Container size options include:
    • HI-4ozCase     24x units – 4oz bottle w/ dispenser cap $50.04   ($0.52/oz)
    • HI-8ozCase     12x units – 8oz bottle w/ dispenser cap $35.64 ($0.37/oz)
    • HI-22ozCase   12x units – 22oz bottle w/ easy-spray top $67.50   ($0.26/oz)
    • HI-64ozCase   6x units – 1/2-gallon (64 oz) jug $89.73 ($0.23/oz)
    • HI-1GCase      4x units – 1-gallon (128 oz) jug $94.74   ($0.19/oz)
    • HI-5GPail        1x – 5-gallon pail $116.37   ($0.18/oz)
    • HI-55GDrum  1x – 55-gallon drum $1,087.37   ($0.15/oz)
    • HI-275GTote  1x – 275-gallon tote $3,458.33   ($0.15/oz)

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