Quian Bical bamboo Screen

Bical Screen – Quian Bical bamboo, bound with monofilament create a more durable alternative to screens found in big box retail stores. Quian Bamboo is commonly used in the Philippines for construction in the Pampanga province.

We use monofilament with high UV resistance to avoid rust stains common with budget screening materials. Individual bamboo poles are quite uniform in diameter – about 3/8″.

Thicker bamboo means longer life for exterior applications. At 3/8″ this product isn’t recommended for full sun/rain applications (look to our Rolled Solid Bamboo Screen instead), but it is ideal for covered patios and interior applications.

  • Appearance: Typical bamboo colors including pale green, russet, and tan/gold.
  • Grade (Int. vs. Ext.):   Interior and exterior, however as a natural material, it will grey out and deteriorate over time.
  • Comm. vs. Res:   Both
  • Fire Protection:  Currently in testing – results soon.
  • Durability:   Decorative natural material. Safari only warranties against factory defect
  • Size:   6’7″ tall x 10′ wide
  • Ease of Installation:  Nail, screw or wire screening against the surface you intend to cover. very simple. For exterior applications, we recommend that at least 1-2″ of space exists between ground and screen.
  • Finish:   None
  • Materials:    Bical Bamboo and monofilament

Note:    As this is a naturally occurring material (bamboo), slight variations in color and appearance are expected, and are not indicative of material defect in any way

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