Pergola Shade and Privacy Options

Additional Pergola Shade and Privacy Options 

Safari offers three ways to increase the shade provided by your pergola: Mor-Shade Canopy, Purlin, and Shade Sail. Each option is specifically designed to be an attractive accent to your pergola and create a shelter from the sun’s rays. The combination of our pergola and a Mor-Shade shade solution is the ultimate combination of beauty, function, and versatility to create your outdoor living room


Designed for ease of use our exclusive retractable Mor-Shade Canopy slides on a wired system that is ready to install out of the box. The unique modular design is easy to install, just like our fiberglass pergolas, to enhance your outdoor living experience. Designed to quickly lock individual canopy panels in place to provide shelter from the sun or remove panels as quickly when the sun goes down.  

The Mor-Shade Shade Sail is a solid fabric cover that is easy to install and remove based on weather conditions and time of year. 


Increase the size and number of purlin on the top of the pergola to increase the amount of shade provided by the pergola. 


Safari’s Arbor Privacy Screens can turn a busy, open living or dining area into a private nook or sanctuary. These structures are ideal for creating secluded spaces around pools, spas, outdoor dining areas, or for concealing pool pumps and heating/AC units. Good privacy screens make good neighbors. 

Privacy screens are ideal for apartments and condominiums that share patio and balcony space, new construction and ocean front properties where corrosion can be an issue. Engineered with angled slats allowing air to circulate while maintaining the utmost privacy. 

Both the 12’ Freestanding Privacy Screen and a 24’ Freestanding Corner Screen are beautifully designed and available with square columns. We can also design custom privacy screens to meet your specific project requirements. 

Three sizes of Attached Privacy Screens are available for the 12’, 14’, and 16’ standard stock square column pergolas as an accessory or after-market option.

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