Flat Bamboo Slats

Decorative Materials: Flat Bamboo Slats Long split strips of bamboo. Roughly uniform light gold/blond color. Safari takes great pride in the effort we expend to bring our customers the highest quality tropical décor. By taking Guadua bamboo poles, splitting and planing them, and cutting them using a specially designed double-saw table saw, we ensure our slats are uniform width. Sometimes working with full-round bamboo poles is just not necessarily the best approach. Decorative trim, façade work, wainscoting, etc. are all applications where a full-round piece of bamboo is less than ideal. Instead, Safari’s Flat bamboo molding, is a fantastic option. Consistent width across the long slat, allows the material to be laid side by side perfectly, and aids in the ease of installation. Whether used in set design, store fixtures, or home décor (to name just a few perfect applications), our flat bamboo molding is affordable, easy to work with, and extremely attractive.


  • Appearance: Long split strips of bamboo, blond uniform surface.
  • Grade (Int. vs. Ext.):   Typically interior, although can be used in certain exterior applications (consult your Safari sales rep)
  • Comm. vs. Res:   Both
  • Fire Protection: Can be treated for fire retardancy. This treatment most often requires additional lead time. Talk to you sales rep for more details.
  • Sizes Available:  1.75″ w x 8′ l, 1.75″ w x 9’10” l, 1.5″ w x 9’10” l
  • Ease of Installation:  Best method is to pre-drill through the nodes of the bamboo ad counter-sink screw heads to better disguise screws.
  • Materials:   Split Guadua Bamboo

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