“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

– Anthony Robbins

Delivering warmth, serenity, and natural luxury to our overcomplicated world.

From source to installation, we’ve helped tens of thousands of customers, from individual homeowners to large resort owners, create exotic escapes and personal oases that are destinations within themselves.

  • Sourcing & Shipping

  • Sourcing from over 15 different countries, and with warehouses on both East & West coasts of the USA, we supply a comprehensive range of natural, replenishable, Eco-friendly building materials to architects, contractors, developers, designers, business owners, & homeowners.
  • Consultation & Design

  • We have decades of experience guiding customers through even the most challenging projects. From homeowners, to zoos, resorts, retail establishments, & restaurants, our experienced team of designers, installers, & craftsmen can transform most any idea into reality.
  • Custom Manufacturing

  • From one-time custom pieces to bulk production items, our fabricators are hand-picked for their fine craftsmanship, familiarity in working with a range of unique materials, & ability to turn just about any idea into a beautiful, functional product.
  • Installation

  • Specialized products often call for specialized installers. While many of our products are do-it-yourself friendly, you may prefer to have one of Safari’s qualified installation teams complete your project for you.