Real Adventure. Natural Luxury.


From coastal hot-spots and resorts to family amusement parks, public zoos and private tropical backyards retreats, we’ve helped business owners and homeowners from all over the world create exotic escapes and personal oases that are destinations within themselves.

Sustainably sourced from 15 different countries, our selection of tropical themed architectural materials bring romance, simplicity and natural luxury to our over complicated world. With bi-coastal US warehouses that allow us to ship products anywhere in the world quickly and affordably, our customers have rewarded the quality of service they receive with an 80% return buyer rate.

Beautiful. Functional. Sustainable. Environmentally responsible.

Each of Safari’s natural and synthetic thatch products and materials captures the soft, tranquil, unhurried ambiance that exists in places untouched by concrete and steel, internet access, and cellular phones. That is the reason Safari Thatch was created and why we live the journey each and every day.

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Natural & Synthetic Thatch Roofing

Thatch roofing systems in several different styles, both natural and synthetic, with fire retarded options.

Natural & Synthetic Thatch Umbrellas

Thatch umbrella kits of varying sizes and aesthetic styles, with fire retarded options.

Cabanas, Tiki Bars, Gazebos, & Concession Stands

Prefabricated bar, concession stand and cabana kits. Multiple semi custom options. Commercial and residential applications.

The Oasis Collection

Meticulous attention to detail. These hand-made organic mosaics are Safari exclusives equally at home as decorative wall and ceiling treatments, accent tiles, or even furniture production.

Tropical Architectural & Decorative Materials

Bamboo plywood veneers, woven organic matting, synthetic woven surfaces for exterior applications, and much more.


Bamboo poles of varying sizes and species, both structural and decorative. Also, new for Safari: our world-first, class-A fire retarded Guadua Bamboo poles.

Rustic Timber

A wide variety of lengths and diameters of Eucalyptus poles, Peeled Juniper/Cedar, Lodge Poles, Fence Posts and more.

Screening, Fences & Trellises

Prefabricated fence sections, decorative privacy screens, and custom fence panel fabrication using a wide array of materials including bamboo, eucalyptus, synthetic bamboo, river reed, willow and more.

Elephant Behind Timber Log Fence in Zoo

Ropes and Netting

Decorative and structural ropes and netting. Manila, dyed polyester, woven banana bark and palm leaves etc. as well as synthetic decorative lashing.

Grassbuilt Bamboo Floor

GRASSBuilt™ Bamboo Flooring and Countertops

Using world-first patented technology, Safari’s partnership with GRASSBuilt has yielded the most attractive engineered bamboo building materials all made, for the first time in history, right here in the USA. These products achieve specs and dimensions never seen before anywhere on earth. Our ability to provide custom solutions is unrivaled. By far, the most exciting new renewable building technology and material!

Specialty Products

This product category represents a catch-all for materials and products that don’t neatly fit into our other standard product categories. These products may be limited production runs, seasonal offerings, special events, and more. Safari is also always trying to find ways to be of greater service to our customers, and we often find ourselves in a position to help with products that aren’t typical of what Safari is known to provide.