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Ropes & Netting

Our selection of functional and decorative rope is the perfect solution for a wide variety of tropical themed projects, including bridges and structural support, wrapped columns, fencing and decorative trim and molding. Options in both natural or synthetic materials, including dyed-polyester, manila, river reed, and banana tree bark, provide the textures, shades, and finishes to complement any structure.

Thatchlok netting is used extensively in thatch roof installations to help keep thatch in place during storms or in particularly windy areas like Aruba, and lengthen the lifespan of natural thatch by as much as 2 years. Its organic coloring and thin diameter allow this retaining net to blend invisibly into thatch roofing.

Explore your options below, or simply give us a call. Our experienced staff can help you select the right materials for your project and climate.

Bac-Bac Braid

Natural decorative woven lashing/ribbon made by weaving strips of alternating inner and outer banana bark in a contrasting checkered pattern.

Bac-Bac Rope – Twisted

Natural decorative twisted lashing made by with strips of alternating inner and outer banana bark.

Braided Zulu Rope

Thick braid of decorative lashing made from braided river reed in the traditional style of the Zulu people.

Manila Rope

Natural manila twisted rope ranging in diameter from 1/4″ to 2″ thick – an extremely strong structural rope.

Polyester Combination Rope – Desert Sand

Extremely durable Polyester/Polypropylene (synthetic) rope combination dyed to a natural sand color prior to twisting, so dye is through-out.

Thatch-Lok – Thatch Retaining Net

Durable indoor/outdoor polyester netting, dyed throughout, in a natural sand color.

ViroRope – Synthetic Decorative Lashing

Light weight and inexpensive, this non-structural decorative lashing s made from 100% recyclable HDPE.